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February 27, 2024 | Coworking & NetworkingBucharest

„Business networking is much more than showing up at networking functions, shaking a lot of hands and collecting a bunch of cards.” Ivan Misner

If you choose to be part of the Coworkperativa community, you choose to have access to the MORE Networking community. Isn't it great to enjoy at the same time a coworking space where you can leave home to work in a quiet place, not in a cafe, all-inclusive, where there’s even specialty coffee like the one from your favorite café? Besides the benefit of the office where you work and which you can access anytime 24/7, to also have access to real networking alongside possibly the largest business networking community in Romania?

In a world overwhelmed by social media where most human relationships are mediated and guided by digital marketing, it has become increasingly difficult to recognize a genuine connection, and entrepreneurial relationships between potential partners are diluted and based on uncertainties. You can use social media to try to promote your business, but the effectiveness of such a strategy is achieved after substantial investments and a long time. In reality, no matter how advanced technology and digital marketing are, the most basic and efficient sales growth channel remains "word of mouth", as we Romanians say, because with the recommended product is attached that emotion that guides us to act: TRUST.

People have always invented various opportunities to connect, precisely to facilitate direct interactions, face-to-face, to convey the human message and emotion, and authenticity has always been promoted, the essential attribute to strengthen emotion in direct sales. Therefore, for your product to be attractive, you have to present it to the market as authentic and trustworthy, and you have to do it directly, without a screen between you and the audience; the intermediary screen also has its role, but it must be complementary to direct interactions.

Marketing is the complex science that helps your product or service reach the audience through multiple and different channels, some offline/online, visible, or invisible, the possibilities being infinite depending on the budget and creativity, but the first actions you have at hand to promote your business are also the simplest to accomplish: NETWORKING, direct interaction with a real audience.

In the modern era, it is easier to find events where you can interact with entrepreneurs or consumers, there are countless communities or groups where you can introduce yourself to present your business, but are we all equally comfortable doing this with strangers?

Approaching unknown people at an event is not as easy a task as it seems. Most people find it difficult to leave their comfort zone and do not easily initiate conversations with people they do not know, no matter how much they would like to. They will not network at events but will desperately look for acquaintances or stick to colleagues they came with for their own comfort.

Business networking is also a marketing-organized action, it is cheap, affordable, and effective for developing relationships and business opportunities, based on direct recommendations and introductions, face-to-face at meetings and events. Moreover, it provides a way to reach decision-makers, whom otherwise might be difficult to contact using conventional advertising methods. In addition, business networks bring the advantage of personal recommendation and introduction, which are always very useful for developing business opportunities.

MORE Networking is a community of entrepreneurs present for many years in Romania and successfully manages to create relationships and not databases. They have built and consolidated thousands of business relationships in the hard-tried entrepreneurship in Romania, and they have done this with professionalism alongside community members, those professionals whose only satisfaction is success.

Coworkperativa in Romană joins the MORE Networking community and supports the intentions of active members to make themselves known and to consolidate new business relationships, with partners they can approach directly, often impossible to achieve on other networking channels.

We look forward to welcoming you with us; we are Independent but we need to be Together!

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