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February 20, 2024 | Coworking Spaces Bucharest

Flexible and collaborative workspaces, generically called "Coworking Space," will be the next office model in the modern era; sharing is the next lifestyle of the era, and coworking will be the usual sharing in our professional life.

In 2017, when | Cowork Cafe (devenit astăzi Coworkperativa) a deschis prima cafenea din România ce includea birouri flexibile de închiriat cu ora, nu știam că există o denumire pentru acest model de afacere, în țările dezvoltate acest model se numea “Coworking”. La momentul 2017 existau câteva office HUB-uri in Bucuresti, câteva dintre ele astăzi nu mai sunt, nici locația din centrul vechi al Bucureștiului.

Today, the coworking market in Romania, Bucharest, has grown and continues to grow, not at the same pace as global growth, but it is obvious that it tries to follow the trend.

For a young entrepreneur, a freelancer, or even an employee of a multinational company that has implemented the "hot-desk" or "work from home" work model, the benefits of using a coworking space are numerous, and the alternative of using a public café is not always suitable for everyone.

Working from home alone is good, but not for long; it is impossible not to feel lonely and confused at some point in the same setting where your private life exists, without thinking here about the need to invite someone over for a work meeting; I think only the most privileged among us, who have a dedicated home office, are convinced that it is possible to work very well from home, but in reality, there will be that moment when they will sometimes look for an escape, or at least they should do so, it would be good for rhythm and motivation.

Într-un spațiu de coworking sau work hub, găsești cam tot ce ai avea dacă ai închiria un birou, doar că diferența o face costul (eficiența financiară) și gestionarea generală a biroului; nu mai trebuie să fii atent mereu dacă la birou când ajungi găsești curat, poate nu mai știi dacă mai este cafea sau ceai, sau ți-ai adus aminte că trebuie să plătești chiria, utilitățile, cheltuielile lunare divizate în procese pe care trebuie mereu să le ții minte. Nu ți se pare ideal să plătești o singură factură care să le includă pe toate și fără să-ți mănânce din timpul tău de lucru pentru a le gestiona?

What you don't find at home while working alone is someone to talk to during coffee break, especially about your business, about the daily challenges of entrepreneurship (especially in Romania), because no matter how busy we are, it is medically recommended that every 50 minutes you take a 5-minute break. Often, the person next to us can be the future collaborator because we all need someone to ask for help at some point; we have various professions but at the same time complementary.

In Bucharest, there are coworking spaces, some specialized for certain professions, others can accommodate anyone who wants to work in an office and not at home. Some are important multinational brands in the global profile market, others are larger or smaller Romanian companies; either way, all bring great benefits to entrepreneurial environment in Romania, whether we are talking about communities or specific programs for new businesses.

We have been following the evolution of coworking spaces for some time and have summarized their existence in 2024; the listing is random.

Uite, mai jos, o lista a office hub-urilor, work hub-urilor si coworking-urilor pe care le-am gasit in Bucuresti:

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